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[TWIT] Wintersday Party!

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Verene a
The days are getting shorter and colder, and that means it's almost time for Wintersday in Guild Wars 2...and to go along with that, we will be holding what will hopefully be an annual Wintersday [TWIT] party!

The festivities will be held in Lion's Arch (NA overflow) on December 15th, and will begin at around 1pm CST (11am PST, 2pm EST). All are welcome to join us for a day of [TWIT]-hosted silliness! We'll have the usual stuff, like synced-up dance party (pants are optional), as well as a few other specific activities going on...

- Costume contests! Think you can come up with the best Santa armor and dye combo? Or maybe an Elf? Or, in going back to GW1-style, a Dwayna or Grenth ensemble? Show it off! (Town clothes and gem shop costumes aren't eligible for this).

- Santa's Reindeer! We'll find a spot, and we'll see who can fly the furthest from it...brush up on your jumping skills!

- Secret Santa! If you want to participate, simply get an item that's valued between 25-50s, and let us know on the day that you're doing the Secret Santa. We'll then pair up everyone for gift swaps!

There'll of course be in-game prizes for the various contests - we've got food, crafting mats, ecto, and gold, among other items available for the prize pot - and the festivities will spread as we come up with more ideas. And if you're not actually a [TWIT] member, never fear - the party is open to anyone who wants to have fun with us and plays on an NA server.

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas? Let us know! :d
Posted Nov 27, 12 · OP
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Sounds great, Verene! I'll try to make it but I'll be in New York City that weekend. :)
Northern Shiverpeaks
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Posted Nov 28, 12